Hello my name is _________.

27 Jan

Today I may have answered this question with a variety of frustrated responses, but after a dear friend of mine helped to bring things into perspective. Through this I have come to a couple conclusions:

1. God is in control of my submitted graduate school applications

2. Life’s to short to sweat the small stuff

3. It’s never too late to start ova, but it’s much easier to keep momentum going when you stay on track 😉


Instead of stress myself out, I decided to partake in a little therapy session.

So I decided to do two of my favorite things, bake and cook

So I cut up a little zucchini both yellow and green and eggplant.

dd 012 

Threw in some EVOO, lots of garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper.

Then tossed together a few yummy turkey meatballs with some Traders sauce,

dd 015

and partook for 7 points plus

dd 018

YUM! So fresh, so easy, so delicious!

I may just have one of these when they’re done for 3 points plus

dd 019

Double yum


Ahhhhhhh. I feel better now, who needs a shrink when I have a kitchen 😉


Starting Over…well kind of.

13 Jan

Recently I took a leap of faith and started Weight Watchers again. In 2006 I started WW and was successful in losing 50lbs, but allowed things to get in the way.


This was me at my highest weight.


While I have maintained (for the most part), I’ve also been using the excuse of school and work keeping me out of the gym and away from good food choices.

Dec2010 014

This is me now, I’m getting there!

With the New Year, comes new chances to make choices for change (dang look at the 3C’s…I like it!).

This year I will choose to:

1. Eat better – Not losing the taste of food, but adding in different veggies and trying new healthier options.

2. Get active – I WILL use my gym membership more often

3. Love myself more – Not to be carnal or self centered, but instead I will check the negative self talk at the door!

4. Love others and show it more!

5. Get out more – High quality free time, less time on wasteful activities.

Let’s Begin. Shall we?

30 Dec

Today I have been:

– Daughter

– Sister

– Friend

– Coffee fiend 

– Doggy transporter

– Stressed out student

– Relaxed Teachers Assistant on Winter Break


And now I’m adding an amateur blogger to the list…this could be incredibly fun!

Dec2010 014 

This is me today (don’t mind the mess, remember how I said I was a full time student???)


Dec2010 018

This is where I’ll be chronicling my journey.


Where will this journey take me?

I just as much as the next person would love to jump into a time machine to find out what’s going to happen in the future, but how else would God keep life exciting? All I know is that I am venturing into uncharted territory, the unknown, I might cry…okay weep, I may experience a little pain, but  it’ll be worth it! I’m choosing to turn my life around by changing my eating, exercising and life habits. Rather than the easy road I’m doing it the natural way..which means:

– less lazy time

-more time outside

-Latin dance (zumba) classes at the gym (please pray for me on this on, I have not one ounce of rhythm)

-more adventures in God’s creation

And last but not least

– More adventures in the kitchen. Healthy needs to at least taste good! 


Please join me in my adventure 🙂

It won’t be as fun without you!