Welcome to Sydney Speaks! I’m Sydney and I have struggled with weight my whole entire life. Being an emotional eater at a young age, I remember weighing in at 132lb in the 3rd grade, and continued to gain weight throughout adolescence and as a young adult.

At 19 I weighed in at 310 pounds and decided that I needed to gain a healthy lifestyle. I joined Weight Watchers, and by sticking to plan and with the help of my leaders and fellow members I lost around 50lbs.

After my first successful bout with Weight Watchers I have been “yo-yoing” for the last 4 years and have come to the realization that I must regain the life that my weight is hindering me from living.

Going with the tried and true solution, I have re-joined Weight Watchers and am now ready to conquer this lifelong battle!

What are you doing different this time around?…you may ask.

This time around I want to make losing weight FUN! If you’ve gone through struggles with your weight, you must know how much of a downer it can be. To this day I struggle with daydreaming about being on track with my weight loss, it’s over whelming and sometimes consuming. This time I want to make losing weight and adventure by:

  • Creating favorite meals with a healthy twist
  • Making exercise FUN by taking Zumba, Belly Dancing, Kickboxing, and Yoga classes galore.
  • Not depriving myself. With little rewards and satisfying cravings in moderation, I don’t plan on depriving myself and setting myself up to only binge in the end.
  • Journaling it all here, how fun to be able to remember the ride!

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