Fat Tuesday

8 Mar

Okay so I’m not Catholic, but this year I will participate in the second Wannabe Lent with my coworkers. For this we basically give up something and keep each other accountable. This year I am definitely giving up sweets…again, and debating on cutting eating out as well. I considered giving up caffeine, but I would then likely go insane and become a huge nuisance to society 😉

For now it’s me and you, Grande Americano 3 pumps vanilla half water half soy. You never fail me 🙂

3_8 036

So today I kept it real! I feel like I made some really good choices.

For breakfast I included this beautiful trio

3_8 033

Lunch was very satisfying and included 1 Oarawheat Sandwich thin, 1/3 cup white chicken, 2tbs Greek Yogurt, Dill, pepper, and a broccoli slaw with Trader Joes Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette.

3_8 037

After work I made the 30min trek to my orthodontist office, and I may  have consumed the yummiest froyo EVER!!!!

3_8 039

Dinner was simple yet amazing! After a long drawn out separation, brussel sprouts and I have been reunited!

3_8 041

I pulled out the stops for these bad boys. After halving them I set them aside and threw 5 cloves of garlic, evoo, red pepper flacks, salt, and pepper into the food processor and made the most heavenly mix! After stirring this mix and the sprouts I roasted them in the oven on 425 for 15+ minutes or until they look brown and crispy. After cooking a little chicken, dinner looked a little like this

1 001

Yum yum!

Tomorrow’s Goal: add more veggies 🙂


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