Starting Over…well kind of.

13 Jan

Recently I took a leap of faith and started Weight Watchers again. In 2006 I started WW and was successful in losing 50lbs, but allowed things to get in the way.


This was me at my highest weight.


While I have maintained (for the most part), I’ve also been using the excuse of school and work keeping me out of the gym and away from good food choices.

Dec2010 014

This is me now, I’m getting there!

With the New Year, comes new chances to make choices for change (dang look at the 3C’s…I like it!).

This year I will choose to:

1. Eat better – Not losing the taste of food, but adding in different veggies and trying new healthier options.

2. Get active – I WILL use my gym membership more often

3. Love myself more – Not to be carnal or self centered, but instead I will check the negative self talk at the door!

4. Love others and show it more!

5. Get out more – High quality free time, less time on wasteful activities.


One Response to “Starting Over…well kind of.”

  1. Lillian January 13, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    I love u Ms. Sydney!

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