Let’s Begin. Shall we?

30 Dec

Today I have been:

– Daughter

– Sister

– Friend

– Coffee fiend 

– Doggy transporter

– Stressed out student

– Relaxed Teachers Assistant on Winter Break


And now I’m adding an amateur blogger to the list…this could be incredibly fun!

Dec2010 014 

This is me today (don’t mind the mess, remember how I said I was a full time student???)


Dec2010 018

This is where I’ll be chronicling my journey.


Where will this journey take me?

I just as much as the next person would love to jump into a time machine to find out what’s going to happen in the future, but how else would God keep life exciting? All I know is that I am venturing into uncharted territory, the unknown, I might cry…okay weep, I may experience a little pain, but  it’ll be worth it! I’m choosing to turn my life around by changing my eating, exercising and life habits. Rather than the easy road I’m doing it the natural way..which means:

– less lazy time

-more time outside

-Latin dance (zumba) classes at the gym (please pray for me on this on, I have not one ounce of rhythm)

-more adventures in God’s creation

And last but not least

– More adventures in the kitchen. Healthy needs to at least taste good! 


Please join me in my adventure 🙂

It won’t be as fun without you!


One Response to “Let’s Begin. Shall we?”

  1. Danielle January 13, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    If you ever need a zumba partner let me know 🙂

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